A Tribute To Our Troops

Defend the poor and
fatherless: do justice
to the afflicted and  
needy.    Psalm 82:3

We are winning and it’s working,
Cause Old Freedom’s taking shape.
And insurgents who are lurking
Soon will find they can’t escape.

In the meantime they cause trouble,
Killing cops and raising hell,
Turning Checkpoints into rubble,
And the spots where merchants sell,

These are cowards who hurt mothers,
And sweet kids who go to school,
They’re a group of evil brothers
Who use terror as a tool.

But these bombers just don’t get it,
That our troops will not give in;
For with passion, guts and steely grit,
They’ll fight until they win.

Our Troops, they stand committed
To The Mission and The Course,
Well prepared and trained and fitted
To defeat an evil force.

They are Champions and they’re Leaders
They’re the Cream of every Crop
As they battle bottom-feeders
May they bring them to a stop.

We Salute them for their Valor,
And their Courage under Fire,
They are Strong and they are Stellar,
And they’ll take it to the wire.

We are proud of their endurance,
And their bravery and their skill,
And we send them this assurance:
That our prayers are with them still.

© Jim Lake
Used with permission.

May God bless and protect our Troops!

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