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A word fitly spoken is like
apples of gold in pictures
of silver. Proverbs 25:11

(This page was last updated April 1, 2018)

    From Tragedy To Triumph    

    Love Hung On The Cross    

These poems are all 2001-2018 by Kathryn Brandon,
and may not be used in any manner without permission. Thank you!

Love Is The Little Things
Happy New Year 2018!
It's Magical!
On Our Special Day
My Lord And Savior
I Want To Be Ready
You Want To Get To Heaven
I Have A Heavenly Father
I Am Forgiven!
Just Lean On Jesus
Eternity With Jesus
Jesus Makes All Things New
What Jesus Is To Me
When We're Down To The Nitty Gritty
It's Your Choice
Examine My Heart
Why We Celebrate His Birth
He's An American Veteran
Thanksgiving Prayer
At The Cross
Sunday School
Early In The Morning
The Rich Young Ruler
Grandpa Was A Farmer
We Were Meant To Be
Unchained Love
My Heart Is Yours
God Hears Us When We Pray
I Took The Long Way Around
Back To School Prayer
I Want To Be Like Grandpa
For You, My Love
My Precious Little Girl
The Dwelling Place Of The Lord
Forever Friends
My Sister & I
Children are Precious
Take Time
Mommy, Mommy, Mommy
My Family
His Light Shines Through
Red Roses For Your Birthday
Peace And Joy
Loving Memories
Tell Her You Love Her
Beautiful Flowers For A Beautiful Mom
To My Sweethear On Valentine's Day
Missing You At Christmas
To My Loving Husband
To My Sweethear On Valentine's Day
To Robert Harold
To David James
To Theresa Faye
To Leland James
To Skylar Marie
To Rylan Kent
To Phoebe Michelle
When We Lose Someone We Love
The Long Goodbye
In Memory Of My Beloved Mother
Eulogy For My Mother
The Colors Of Spring
Keep Your Eyes On Jesus
The Promise Of His Love
Once Again
To My Daughter
When I Saw The Cross
It's A Beautiful Day
Grandma And Me
The Light
To My Sister,On Her 50th Birthday
Goin' Fishin'
Good News
Loving You
Come To Jesus
Songs Of Praise
We Remember
God's Masterpiece
Why Do You Wait?
God Goes With Us Through It All
He Is Risen
You Gave Me Grace
Mine, Mine, Mine
Jesus Lives Today
Thank You, Jesus!
Early In The Morning
Always Put God First
God Loves Me Enough
Born Again
To My Wonderful Husband
A Greater Love
In The Father's Hands
The First Day In Glory
The Mouth Is A Mighty Sword
I'm The Reason Why
Are You Ready For The Rapture?
Psalm 91
Worship Him!
Thank You For Still Loving Me
I Stand On Your Promise
The Tongue
It's Enough
He Still Calms The Storm
Apples Of Gold
The Cross By The Side Of The Road
Jesus Is Always Here
A Rose For My Mother
How Can I Get Into Heaven?
I Want To Be An Angel
Don't Throw My Past At Me
Thank God For Our Soldiers
Living Proof
We Were Always On His Mind
To My Wonderful Pastor
Made By His Own Hands
The One Who Walks Beside Me
I'll Live My Life For You
Happy Mother's Day to My Mother
My Heart's Desire
He Performed A Miracle
Let Me Come Into Your Presence
Reflections On My Life
How Far He Was Willing To Go
Being Born....Again
To My Valentine
God's Purpose
Whenever I See A Rainbow
Sufficient Is His Grace
Come Unto Him
Here I Am Again
It's Not About Me
In Loving Memory Of Cherokee
Window Of Regret
Waiting At The Well
You May Be The One
That's All I Need To Know
Land Of No Return
He Prayed
Lord, I Await Your Will
Are You Going To Be With Me There?
I Understand
Another Memorial Day
I'll Ever Praise Your Name
Our Guardian Angels
Freely Freely Give
Get Thee Behind Me
Take My Past, Oh, Lord
Praise The Lord
Life's Not Fair
How My Life Changed
Wait Upon the Lord
That Old Front Porch Swing
My Dreams
Let Your Light Shine
Our Choice
Happily Ever After
America, Bless God!
Look Up
Give Thanks
The Gift
Thy Will Be Done
An Old-Fashioned Christmas
Thank You For Loving Me
Heaven's Garden
Jesus - The True Friend
The Greatest Gift Of All
A Tale Of Two Friends
The Road To That Leads To God's House
Some Other Day
Living Water
We'll Remember
Jesus Is
Satan Has No Hold On Me!
How Long, Oh Lord?
I Saw The Sinner
The Sun Will Shine Again
What If Today's The Day?
What's In A Name?
Yes, Jesus Loves Even Me
Give God The Glory
To My Sister
Saved By Grace
That's Good Enough
He Did Not
I Am A Woman
Only God
Teach Me Your Word, Oh Lord
He Touched Me
We Must Be A Witness
Who's Going To Get Your Soul?
Why Haven't You Told Them?
The Lord Makes My Soul Sing
We'll Meet Our Lord Someday
The Storms Of Life
Where Is God?
Life Is Short
Listen To The Lord
Learning From The Footprints
Mother's Love
The Root Of All Evil
Tell The Children
My Psalm
When Jesus Christ Was Born
What Did Jesus Do?
Mama Prayed
I'll Leave This World One Day
My Reward
Why Do We Worry?
Another Time
On My Knees
Lord, I Worship Thee!
Jesus Taught Us
Lord, Hear My Prayer
The Peace Of God
All God's Blessings
I'm A Child Of The King
My Daily Prayer
The Price He Paid
My God Always Has A Better Plan
As It Was In The Beginning
Baby Feet
Jesus Died For All
You Don't Believe
If We Only Have Faith
Guide Me, Lord
Back In Grandma's Day
The Harvest
You Haven't Done Anything Yet
Give Your Heart To Jesus
Will You Pass?
He Knows
I Want To Live For Jesus
Jesus Said
Jesus Will Be There
I'm Going On A Journey
On Judgment Day
He Took The Blame
If You Want To Be Like Jesus