In Times Like These

Let every soul be subject unto the higher
powers. For there is no power but of God:
the powers that be are ordained of God.
Romans 13:1

I am sick and tired of the rantings and ravings of these liberal actors and musicians, protesting the war and threatening to act as a "human shield" to prevent our own military from doing their job. Last I heard, obstruction of the military in an attempt to sabotage their work is treason, and is punishable by law.

While these windbags have every right to their opinion, they need to understand that we neither need nor want a bunch of phoney movie stars, (or in most cases, has-beens) trying to dictate public policy or military strategy. Martin, you only portray a President on television, you aren't one. And television has little resemblence to real life, or don't you know that? Some of you threatened to leave this country if George Bush became President; so why are you even still here, Alec Baldwin?And just who does Roger Moore think he is, disrupting the awards show to maliciously rant about the last election? What a pompous blowhard!

All these left-wing, liberal (in other words, Anti-American) opinions are of little or no interest to most of us. We are able to look at the facts, and reason for ourselves, thank you very much. The fact that these publicity hounds can garner media coverage for their opinion doesn't give their opinion any particular credibility or importance.

If they are so concerned over loss of innocent lives, why did they never once open their mouths when Saddam Hussein was murdering thousands of his own people with chemical weapons? If their concern for innocent lives is so great, why didn't we hear an outcry from them when the planes crashed into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania countryside, killing over three thousand innocent people? But no, they criticized this country, then, as well. They said that America was getting just what we deserved; that our foreign policy had "caused" the hatred that led to those acts. What incredible gall! Where was their so called concern for innocent lives then?

And here's another example of the way most of these big shots talk out of both sides of their mouths: These same people who are opposed to war because of the loss of human lives are the very same people who uphold and support abortion. Somehow they don't see how absolutely ludicrous that is! It makes their whole cause laughable! You cannot advocate protecting human life on one hand, and taking it on the other, without sounding like a fool. And these silly fools are so full of themselves, they don't even see the contradiction of their own positions!

I don't know about Sheryl Crowe, Rosie O'Donnell, Martin Sheen, George Clooney, or Phil Donahue, but I do know this: JANE FONDA has already proven herself to be a traitor. It is a matter of public record that she acted in collusion with our enemy, the North Vietnamese. She BETRAYED members of our Armed Forces who were prisoners of war at the time, causing them even greater punishment and in some cases, even death. Her deliberate treacherous and treasonous acts of the Viet Nam era will never be forgotten, especially by those who served in that conflict, or their families. And now "Hanoi Jane" is at it again.

To all of these, I have this to say: If you feel that you must protest the current war by making yourself a human shield, well, then, by all means, please do so! Buy a one-way ticket and go! Just don't expect the military to change their plans because of you. And don't expect us back home to cry "foul" if you happen to get shot at, hit, or even killed. What's another aging actor or actress more or less? There's plenty more where you come from!

You are traitors to this country, the country that has made you rich and famous. We don't need or want you here. But if you think for one second that you will go over there and be free to express your opinions, you better think again! While you may go over there and spout your anti-American propaganda, the first time you dare to criticize that regime will probably also be your last.

Freedom is never really free; it has been bought at a price. It has been bought for us at the cost of many thousands of brave young men who have fought and died to establish, preserve, and protect it. Thousands of our country's bravest and best have fought and died to ensure the freedoms that we take for granted: freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, freedom of the press. Freedom to speak our minds. Freedom to disagree.

These loud mouthed, two faced liberals take advantage of these freedoms to unfairly criticize and tear down the country that gave them everything they have today. If this country is so horrible, I ask them: Why are you still here? Take advantage of one other freedom this country offers: the freedom to leave. Go spout your anti-American garbage somewhere else. Most of us are sick of it!

All of these anti-American liberals really make me ill. But their liberalism isn't really the point here. The real point is, America is at war. Anti-American acts during wartime are acts of treason. These people are committing treason when they threaten to disrupt, interrupt, or obstruct the United States military and it's objectives. While every American citizen has the right to voice their opinion, no one has the right to commit treason. It is a crime against this country. It is a crime against the thousands who didn't just make a lot of noise, but gave their lives in service to their country. It is a crime against every American.

God Bless America!

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray for your Divine intervention, that this war may be over as quickly as possible.

I pray, Lord, for your hand of protection to be upon all of our men and women who are in harm's way; those who have responded to the highest calling of service for their fellow man; those who may be called upon to give their lives in the name of freedom. I ask that you protect them, Lord, and return them safely to their families. Protect our allies, Father, and the coalition forces.

Protect the innocent civilians, too, dear Lord. Most of them are just like us: they just want to live in peace and have a chance to make a decent life for their families. Help them to see that America is not their enemy; that we are not there to conquer and control them, or to change their culture into ours. Help them to understand that we are only there to prevent an evil dictator from supporting more terrorists who threaten peace all over the world.

Father, I pray that you give wisdom to our President and other world leaders, that they make the right decisions in this time of crisis. I ask that you intercede, Lord, to prevent the use of chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons. Help this great nation to lead the world with strength and power, but never to abuse that same strength and power.

And dear Lord, for those who don't just disagree, but who plot to obstruct and interfere with our own military, I pray that you open their foolish eyes to the knowledge these truths. Protect us from traitors within our midst, oh, Lord. Make them realize that the very freedoms that they take for granted were bought for them by the blood, sweat and tears of our soldiers. Especially make them understand, dear God, that true freedom was bought for them also, by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Lord, help us all to remember that no matter what is happening in our world today, you are still the Almighty God, the great I AM, and that you are still in control. I thank you and praise you, Lord, that we can rest securely in your promises during these troubled times.

I ask all of these things in Christ's precious name,